Luckybite- Durrell Bishop and Tom Hulbert

Luckybite took part in our Christmas Poundshop at Somerset house, where their product ‘blowball’ sold out the first day! Tom Hulbert and Durrell Bishop are Luckybite. They are designers who work on new electronic products. Luckily they can spend most¬† of their time being inventive. Sometimes they work with tiny companies and other times with massive ones. They build working prototypes as a method of exploration, there’s nothing like trying things out if you want to see something differently! Currently they are working on new networked products, children’s toys and physical iPhone apps. Blow ball was a collaboration with Marcia Mihotich and Studiomama. I remember going to the “@Bristol” museum and being amazed by the a beach ball floating not ablove a fan but at about 45 Degrees to one. Its called the Bernoulli effect… amazing. See more of their clever work here